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The Fallen Series Boxed Set by Lauren Kate Review

Title: The Fallen Series Boxed Set

Author: Lauren Kate

First published October 23, 2012


ISBN: 9780307979452 (ISBN10: 0307979458)

Rating: 4.33


Get ready for a thrilling courtroom drama in the town of Ferryport Landing. In Tales From the Hood, the Big Bad Wolf is on trial for his past crimes, and the Grimms are determined to prove his innocence.

But with a biased mayor and a suspicious community, the sisters have their work cut out for them. As they dig deeper into the Wolf’s past, secrets are uncovered and shocking revelations are revealed.

Will the Grimms be able to clear their friend’s name, or will justice be lost in the midst of fairy tale chaos? Find out in this gripping tale by Michael Buckley.

About the Author

Lauren Kate writes books for people of all ages, from adults to teens and children. Her works include the romantic comedy “By Any Other Name” and the young adult series called “Fallen.” She and her family reside in Laurel Canyon.

Editoral Review

The Fallen Series Boxed Set by Lauren Kate offers a riveting tale of love, sacrifice, and redemption set against the backdrop of celestial courts and earthly battles. This series, first published on October 23, 2012, has captured the hearts of readers of all ages and has become a staple in the young adult paranormal romance genre.

Lauren Kate, the author of the series, is a talented writer known for her captivating storytelling and vivid imagery. Her works often explore themes of forbidden love, fate, and destiny, and The Fallen Series is no exception.

The six-book series has amassed a loyal following with its intricate plot twists, strong character development, and its ability to transport readers to a world beyond their imagination. The Fallen Series Boxed Set chronicles the tragic love story of Luce and Daniel, two star-crossed lovers separated by the forces of Heaven and Hell.

Luce, a teenager who sees strange shadows and hears whispers in her head, is sent to Sword and Cross, a reform school for troubled teens, where she meets Daniel, a mysterious and brooding boy who she feels an unexplainable connection to. As Luce unravels the mysteries behind her past and present, she finds herself caught up in a centuries-old battle between good and evil, and must choose between her love for Daniel and the fate of the world.

Kate builds a rich and complex world filled with well-developed supporting characters, each with their own motivations and secrets. The setting is both enchanting and eerie, and Kate’s writing style draws readers in with her use of descriptive language and poetic prose.

The pacing throughout the series is well-balanced, with enough action and suspense to keep readers eagerly turning pages. Despite its many strengths, The Fallen Series Boxed Set does have its flaws.

At times, the dialogue between characters can feel forced and melodramatic, taking away from the emotional impact of the story. Additionally, some readers may find the series to be overly formulaic, relying on common tropes and clichs of the genre.

Overall, The Fallen Series Boxed Set by Lauren Kate is a worthy addition to any young adult paranormal romance fan’s bookshelf. Kate’s masterful storytelling and world-building create a vivid and captivating story that delves deep into the human experience.

However, those looking for a truly groundbreaking or innovative work of fiction may find The Fallen Series Boxed Set falls short. In conclusion, The Fallen Series Boxed Set receives a solid recommendation for its target audience.

Fans of the genre, in particular, will find much to enjoy in this six-book series filled with epic battles, supernatural forces, and heart-wrenching romance. The Washington Post gives the series four stars out of five, citing its compelling characters, intricate plot, and vivid imagery.