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The Gate of Gods by Martha Wells Review

Title: The Gate of Gods

Author: Martha Wells

First published January 1, 2005

496 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.24


In Katherine Applegate’s heartwarming novel, Wishtree, you’ll meet Red, an ancient oak tree who is a beloved symbol of hope and comfort in the community. People write their wishes on scraps of fabric and tie them to Red’s branches, seeking solace and guidance.

Alongside her loyal friend Bongo the crow, Red has witnessed the joys and sorrows of generations. But when a new family arrives, tensions rise and Red must use her wisdom as a wishtree to bring the neighborhood together.

Can Red’s enduring spirit and gentle guidance help bridge the divide and bring peace to all who seek refuge under her branches?

About the Author

Martha Wells is an accomplished author of science fiction and fantasy, with a career spanning back to 1993 when her first fantasy novel was published. Her widely popular series, The Murderbot Diaries, has received numerous accolades, including Nebula Awards, Hugo Awards, Locus Awards, and an American Library Association/YALSA Alex Award.

Additionally, Martha has written other notable works, such as The Books of the Raksura series and the Ile-Rien series, as well as various fantasy novels like Witch King (Tordotcom, 2023). She has also contributed to short fiction, non-fiction, and media tie-ins for various publications.

Her writing has been recognized on the Philip K. Dick Award ballot, the British Science Fiction Association Award ballot, and the Bestseller List.

Moreover, Martha’s work has been translated into twenty-four languages, making her a widely recognized and celebrated author in the genre.

Editoral Review

Martha Wells has captivated her readers with The Gate of Gods, a compelling masterpiece that intricately weaves science fiction with fantasy. Published on January 1, 2005, the book takes readers on a journey through the Raksura world where shapeshifting beings must navigate a slew of political and personal dilemmas.

Wells’ outstanding writing style and expertly crafted world-building set the tone for the novel. Her ability to introduce a completely new world with distinct cultures, along with the characters that inhabit it is noteworthy.

Wells’ careful attention to detail is imprinted in every aspect of the novel, and readers would find themselves completely immersed in the world she has brought to life. The plot follows the Raksurathe shapeshifting beingsin their search for allies after their home, The Tree, is destroyed by their enemies.

The journey results in a chain of complex alliances and betrayals that propel the narrative forward. The pacing is balanced with each chapter adding something necessary and keeping the reader engaged.

Wells’ attention to the character development in The Gate of Gods is impeccable. Her characters are distinct and relatable, with their experiences and motives molded by their upbringing within their respective cultures.

The main characters, Moon and Jade, are particularly intriguing, with their roles in the story well defined and their personal journeys taking center stage. The novel’s themes, including survival, identity, loyalty, and compromise, are executed with finesse.

The conflict between the Raksura and their enemies, along with the political machinations that ensue, are an excellent portrayal of the complexities of intercultural dynamics, which is refreshing for enthusiasts of the genre. One limitation of the book is that the reader needs to have read the previous novels in the series to fully appreciate the depth and complexity of the world Wells has created.

Additionally, some of the minor characters could have been fleshed out a bit more to give the story further depth. Ultimately, this book is a thrilling adventure into an entirely new world, with characters that readers will love and root for.

The Gate of Gods is well suited for readers who enjoy science fiction and fantasy genres and are looking for a quality read that explores complex social and cultural issues.

In conclusion, The Gate of Gods is an outstanding work of fiction, with unique characters, a complex storyline and expert world-building.

Martha Wells attention to detail and compelling storytelling make for a compelling and memorable reading experience. This book is recommended for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts, as well as readers who appreciate a well-crafted story that explores complex issues of identity and society.

I give The Gate of Gods a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.