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The Hawk Eternal by David Gemmell Review

Title: The Hawk Eternal

Author: David Gemmell

First published January 1, 1995

368 pages, Mass Market Paperback

ISBN: 9780345458391 (ISBN10: 0345458397)

Rating: 4.02


Ruta Sepetys has once again brought history to life in her novel “Salt to the Sea”. In this gripping tale, readers are introduced to the tragic sinking of the German cruise liner Wilhelm Gustloff in the Baltic Sea on January 30, 1945.

Overcrowded with more than 10,500 passengers, mostly wartime personnel and refugees, the ship was meant to be a safe haven from the advancing Red Army. However, the Soviet submarine attack claimed more than 9,000 lives, including 5,000 children.

Sepetys masterfully weaves together the stories of four fictionalized but historically accurate characters: Joana, a Lithuanian nurse; Florian, a Prussian soldier seeking refuge; Emilia, a pregnant Polish girl; and Albert, a Nazi assigned to the Gustloff. Their paths intertwine as they struggle to survive amidst chaos, danger, and tragedy.

Get ready to be transported back in time and experience the heart-wrenching events that unfolded on that fateful day.

About the Author

David Andrew Gemmell, a British author of heroic fantasy, was not only a bestselling writer but also a former journalist and newspaper editor. In 1984, he had his first work of fiction published, and he continued to write over thirty novels throughout his career.

Although Gemmell’s works exhibit violence, they also delve into themes of honour, loyalty, and redemption. His debut novel, Legend, is perhaps his best-known work, and it has sold over one million copies worldwide.

Even today, Gemmell’s writing continues to captivate readers all over the world.

Editoral Review

“The Hawk Eternal” by David Gemmell is a stunning example of epic fantasy. Gemmell was a prolific author of fantasy, “The Hawk Eternal” being one of several works set in his Rigante universe, which includes four novels and several novellas, all telling stories of war, love, and epic battles.

The book was first published on January 1, 1995. The genre of the book is epic, with elements of dark fantasy that appeal to readers who enjoy moral ambiguity and flawed characters, rather than perfectly heroic protagonists.

At its core, “The Hawk Eternal” is a story of power, ambition, and war, set in a world that’s both familiar and otherworldly. Gemmell introduces us to several main characters, each with their own motivations and secrets.

We follow the story of an aging king, Connavar, who wants to pass on his power to his son, Bane, and prevent the kingdom from falling into chaos. But Bane is not the only one with aspirations to the throne.

There are other factions vying for power, who are willing to unleash all manner of evil to get their way. The book is set in a fantasy world with rich and detailed descriptions of the world, the magic that inhabits it, and the people that populate it.

Gemmell weaves together the magical and the mundane in a way that is both seamless and breathtaking. The book has many battles, conflicts, and twists; the pacing is consistent fast enough to keep the readers engaged, yet slow enough to build up the tension.

“The Hawk Eternal” is not just a great work of fantasy. With its themes of love, loyalty, ambition, and war, the book speaks to our current times.

Gemmell created a world that is both dark and hopeful, a world of heroes and villains, of powerful magic and characters’ psychological struggles, that strike a chord with readers. David Gemmell’s writing is elegant and masterful, and his character development is exceptional.

Gemmell has created complex, human-like characters that engage readers with their flaws, weaknesses, and strengths. He expertly balances the different character arcs and motivations, building up to a thrilling climax.

One of the book’s weaknesses is that it is part of a larger series. Thus, readers who are not familiar with the Rigante universe may find it challenging to get into the story.

Some may also find the book’s pacing too slow in some parts, although that’s more of a matter of taste than a flaw. In conclusion, “The Hawk Eternal” is a masterpiece of epic fantasy.

It has appealing characters, breathtaking action, magic, and dark themes that speak to the readers in our current times. The novel is an excellent choice for readers who love epic fantasies such as “Lord of the Rings” or “Game of Thrones,” but also for readers who enjoy books that explore the human psyche and the complexity of power struggles.

I highly recommend “The Hawk Eternal” for anyone interested in epic fantasy. It is a must-read for any fan of the genre.

Rating: 9/10.