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The Lighthouse by Alison Moore Review

Title: The Lighthouse

Author: Alison Moore

First published August 15, 2012

184 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781907773174 (ISBN10: 1907773177)

Rating: 3.36


As Futh embarks on a solo holiday to Germany, he hopes to find peace and clarity after his recent separation. However, a hostile encounter with a hotel landlord sets him off on a journey along the Rhine that will force him to confront his past and the consequences of his actions.

“The Lighthouse,” a gripping novel by Alison Moore, follows Futh’s journey as he tries to find himself, only to get lost in the complexities of his own mind.

About the Author

Alison Moore, a resident of a village on the border of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, was born in Manchester in 1971. She shares her home with her husband Dan and son Arthur, in close proximity to a sheep field.

Alison is an honorary lecturer in the School of English at Nottingham University and a member of Nottingham Writers’ Studio. Her novel, The Lighthouse, published in 2012, tells the story of a man in his middle age, who decides to go on a contemplative walking holiday in Germany after his marriage ends.

However, he finds himself feeling more isolated than ever before. The Lighthouse was a finalist for the Man Booker prize.

Editoral Review

Book Review: The Lighthouse by Alison Moore

Alison Moores The Lighthouse is a haunting, introspective novel that explores themes of loneliness, memory, and redemption. Published in 2012, the book tells the story of Futh, a middle-aged man who embarks on a solo walking trip in Germany in the hopes of finding solace and healing from a recent divorce.

Moores writing is masterful, capturing the landscape of the German countryside in vivid, sensory detail. Fuths journey is interspersed with flashbacks to his troubled childhood and the painful breakdown of his marriage, creating a complex, multi-layered narrative that unfolds gradually and with great subtlety.

The novels title is a reference to the lighthouse-shaped perfume bottle that Futh carries with him as a talisman, a symbol of his longing for connection and love. Throughout the book, Moore explores the powerful hold that memory and scent can have on a person, as well as the fragility of human relationships.

Futh is a complex, sympathetic character, and Moores portrayal of his inner struggles is both poignant and deeply felt. The book is also populated by a rich cast of supporting characters, including the proprietor of the guesthouse where Futh stays on his trip, and her husband, who is struggling to come to terms with his own past traumas.

The Lighthouse can be classified as literary fiction, and its style and themes will appeal to fans of introspective, character-driven literature. The novel is a remarkable achievement, showcasing Moores prodigious talent for crafting subtle, emotionally resonant stories.

One potential criticism of the book is its pacing, which may feel slow to some readers. However, this deliberate pace is part of the novels strength, allowing the reader to fully immerse themselves in Fuths journey and experience his thoughts and emotions in a deep, immersive way.

Overall, The Lighthouse is an exceptional novel that will resonate with readers who appreciate great writing, complex characters, and thought-provoking themes. It is a must-read for fans of contemporary literary fiction, and a testament to Alison Moores talent as a writer.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommended for: Fans of literary fiction, character-driven novels, and introspective storytelling.

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