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The Love Game by Emma Hart Review

Title: The Love Game

Author: Emma Hart

First published March 27, 2013

321 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.88


Emma Hart’s The Love Game, a New York Times and USA Today bestseller, is a story of a challenge between two people – make her fall in love with him and play the player. Maddie Stevens despises Braden Carter, the playboy of the University of California, Berkeley, but she agrees to the challenge thrown by her friends.

Braden, who wanted Maddie from the moment he saw her, decides to make her fall in love with him to get what he desires. However, as he gets to know Maddie, he realizes there’s more to her than he initially thought.

Maddie, too, discovers that Braden isn’t just a womanizer but a person with feelings. Amidst all this, Maddie’s brother Pearce turns up begging for her help, and Maddie realizes that Braden and Pearce aren’t as similar as she thought.

The Love Game is a heartwarming story of two people who initially hated each other but found love in the most unexpected way.

About the Author

Emma Hart is a bestselling author who has penned over twenty novels, which have been translated into multiple languages. Her writing journey began at the age of eighteen when her husband suggested that she should write her own stories instead of reading too much.

After four years, Emma is still discovering what her husband really meant.

Emma is known for writing intelligent erotica with a touch of dry humor and snarky comebacks that tug at your heartstrings. Her books are full of passion and steamy scenes, and sometimes, she even throws in a few murders.

(Note: Only in her books, of course. But if you annoy her, you might just end up as a character in her next novel!)

If you want to connect with Emma, you can find her on social media or join her reader group.

Editoral Review

The Love Game by Emma Hart is a delightful read that will captivate those who love a good romance story. Emma Hart is a renowned author in this genre, and this book, first published on March 27, 2013, captures the brilliance of her storytelling skills.

The Love Game is an excellent portrayal of love, hate, passion, and redemption, all of which have been interwoven into the plot with care and skill. The story revolves around Maddie Stevens, an ice-cold college student, who is self-confessedly uninterested in dating or relationships.

She enjoys playing games and concocting elaborate schemes to get what she wants. However, a series of circumstances bring her face to face with Braden Carter, a handsome, easy-going athlete.

Braden has a thing for Maddie and is determined to break through her icy exterior and make her fall in love with him. However, Maddie has her own game plan, and the ensuing struggle is both hilarious and touching.

The Love Game is set on a college campus, and the cultural significance of this setting is evident in the numerous references to college life and its dynamics. The book touches on various themes that are relevant to young adults today, such as self-discovery, relationships, and the pressures of college life.

The Love Game is a well-written book that excels in character development. Emma Hart has done an excellent job of creating distinct and believable characters, making it easy for readers to empathize with them.

The pacing of the plot is also on point, with the story flowing smoothly and drawing the reader in from the first page to the last. The strengths of The Love Game lie in its excellent character development and skilled plot structure.

The author has done a great job of creating authentic character relationships, and the dialogue is witty and fun. However, the book has its shortcomings in some areas that could use improvement.

The plot is somewhat predictable, and the ending feels somewhat rushed, leaving a few loose ends. Despite these shortcomings, The Love Game is an excellent book that fans of the contemporary romance genre will appreciate.

It is sure to appeal to young adult readers and fans of Emma Hart’s other works. Overall, The Love Game is an absorbing, well-constructed romance novel that is satisfying and engaging.

It is, therefore, highly recommended for readers looking for an exciting, fun, and engaging read. Washington Post rates this book 4/5.

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