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The Rocker That Needs Me by Terri Anne Browning Review

Title: The Rocker That Needs Me

Author: Terri Anne Browning

First published July 3, 2013

225 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.27


The Rockstar… He’s been the heartthrob of millions for years, but no one knows the real him.

He’s been battling his own demons behind closed doors, and the fame only seems to make it worse. The only solace he finds is in the music that he creates, but it’s not enough.

He craves something more. The Rockstar’s Muse…

She’s been a fan of his music for as long as she can remember. When she finally gets the chance to meet him, she realizes that there’s so much more to him than what the tabloids say.

She wants to be the one to understand him and help him find the peace he so desperately craves. But he doesn’t see her that way.

She’s just a young girl to him. Will she be able to break through the walls he’s built around his heart?

Or will she be just another fan in his sea of admirers?

About the Author

Have you heard of Terri Anne Browning? She’s a talented author who has made it to the USA TODAY bestselling list multiple times.

It’s even more impressive when you consider that she’s dyslexic and thought that a career in writing would never be possible. But she proved herself wrong and has been making waves since 2013 with her first Indie published book, Reese: A Safe Haven Novella.

One of her most popular series is The Rocker… series, which features the tempting members of Demon’s Wings.

It all started with The Rocker Who Holds Me, and now the series is complete with 12 books and some novellas. Terri Anne has also written other great series, including the Angel’s Halo MC Series, The Lucy & Harris Novella Series, The Vitucci Mafiosos Series, and The Tainted Knights Rocker Series.

Terri Anne resides in Virginia with her husband, their three children (whom she jokingly refers to as demons), and a lively Frenchie named Grunt.

Editoral Review

Terri Anne Browning’s 2013 novel, The Rocker That Needs Me, is a romantic contemporary fiction that blends the elements of music, stardom, and love. Browning, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, is popularly known for her rough-edged, steamy romance novels set in the music industry.

The Rocker That Needs Me is the third book in the Rocker series by Browning, and it is a standalone novel that can be enjoyed on its own. The novel is set in the world of rock music, where the protagonist, Shane, is the lead singer of a popular rock band.

He is a troubled, brooding rockstar, who is recovering from his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Jesse, the female protagonist, is a college student who is working as a waitress to earn money for her studies.

When Jesse meets Shane at the coffee shop where she works, a spark ignites between them, and they both realize that they have found someone who understands them better than anyone else. As Shane and Jesse’s relationship deepens, they both have to navigate through the challenges that come with being in the spotlight.

They must deal with the paparazzi, fans, and the pressures of Shane’s career. Meanwhile, Jesse has to come to terms with her own insecurities and confront her past, which threatens to ruin her blossoming relationship with Shane.

Browning’s writing style is compelling, and she creates a world that is both vivid and believable. The characters in the novel are well-developed and engaging, and the themes of addiction, redemption, and love are explored with real depth and sensitivity.

The plot is fast-paced, with enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged until the very end. However, the novel is not without its flaws.

Some of the plot points are predictable, and some of the dialogue between the characters feels forced and clichd. Additionally, the novel doesn’t delve as deeply into the music industry as it promises to, and the “rockstar” lifestyle is portrayed somewhat simplistically.

Despite its flaws, The Rocker That Needs Me is an enjoyable and satisfying read for fans of contemporary romance novels. Browning’s writing style is gripping, and she captures the complexities of love and fame with nuance and sensitivity.

If you’re looking for a steamy, heartwarming romance novel set in the world of rock music, then The Rocker That Needs Me is definitely worth a read. I rate The Rocker That Needs Me by Terri Anne Browning with four stars out of five.

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