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The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan Review

Title: The Sword of Summer

Author: Rick Riordan

First published October 6, 2015

499 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9781423160915 (ISBN10: 1423160916)

Rating: 4.24


Samuel has never imagined that he is anything more than a regular teenager, spending his days going to school and trying to avoid his bullies. That is, until a mysterious figure shows up at his doorstep claiming to be his long-lost uncle.

Before Samuel knows it, he is thrust into a world of Norse mythology and ancient weapons. As he tries to navigate this new reality, he realizes that his uncle’s ramblings may hold the key to his own identity and destiny.

But with danger lurking around every corner, Samuel must make a choice: to run away from his fate or to embrace it and become the hero he was meant to be. The Sword of Summer is a thrilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

About the Author

Rick Riordan has written numerous books that have become New York Times bestsellers. One of his most popular series is the Percy Jackson series.

If you want to keep up with his latest updates, you can follow him on Twitter or check out his official website.

Editoral Review

Rick Riordans The Sword of Summer, first published on October 6, 2015, is a fantasy novel that takes readers on a thrilling and action-packed journey through Norse mythology. Fans of Riordans previous works, including the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, will find familiarity in his signature style and seamless blending of mythological elements with contemporary humor and relatable characters.

The novel follows protagonist Magnus Chase, a teenage orphan who is unexpectedly thrust into a world of gods, giants, and mythical creatures when he dies and is brought to Valhalla, the afterlife for warriors. There, Magnus learns that he is the son of a Norse god and is tasked with retrieving the Sword of Summer, the only weapon that can prevent the impending doomsday of Ragnarok.

Magnus is joined on his journey by a cast of diverse and likable characters, including Samirah al-Abbas, a Valkyrie with a secret; Blitz and Hearth, two dwarf brothers with a deep bond; and Alex Fierro, a genderfluid child of Loki. Together, they navigate dangerous obstacles and battle formidable foes, all while facing personal struggles and growth.

Riordan expertly weaves together Norse myths, legends, and culture into his narrative, creating a fascinating and immersive world. His inclusion of diverse characters and exploration of identity and acceptance add depth to the story and make it relatable for a wide audience.

The Sword of Summer is not without its flaws, however. The pacing can at times feel rushed, and some scenes may feel predictable to experienced readers of the genre.

Additionally, some may find the books humor to be too juvenile or contrived. Despite these minor drawbacks, The Sword of Summer is a fun and exciting addition to Riordans body of work.

It would be a great choice for fans of mythological fantasy, particularly those interested in Norse myths and legends. The books exploration of identity and acceptance also make it a valuable read for young adults navigating these important themes in their own lives.

Overall, The Sword of Summer receives a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. While not without its flaws, Riordans compelling storytelling and engaging characters make for an enjoyable and memorable read.