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The Tommyknockers by Stephen King Review

Title: The Tommyknockers

Author: Stephen King

First published November 10, 1987

747 pages, Mass Market Paperback

Rating: 3.58


In the small town of Haven, something strange is happening. Bobbi Anderson discovers a buried metal object that gives the townspeople powers beyond their wildest dreams.

But with great power comes great danger, and Haven becomes a deadly trap for outsiders. As the town falls under a diabolical takeover, it’s up to Bobbi and a few brave souls to fight back against an invasion of body, soul, and mind.

The Tommyknockers is a thrilling tale of evil, power, and the fight for survival.

About the Author

Stephen Edwin King was born into a family with a rocky start. His father left when he was very young, leaving his mother to raise him and his older brother.

They moved around a bit, spending some time in Indiana and Connecticut, but eventually settled in Maine to care for Stephen’s grandparents. Stephen attended school in Durham and Lisbon Falls, and went on to study at the University of Maine at Orono.

While in college, he wrote for the school newspaper and was involved in student politics. He graduated with a degree in English and planned to become a high school teacher, but was unable to due to health issues.

During this time, he met Tabitha Spruce and they married in 1971. Stephen struggled to find work as a teacher, so they lived off of his earnings as a laborer and Tabitha’s student loans and savings.

Stephen’s passion was writing, and he made his first professional sale in 1967. He continued to write short stories and work on novels while teaching English at a high school in Maine.

Despite the challenges he faced, Stephen’s dedication to his craft paid off. He went on to become a bestselling author, with many of his works adapted into movies and TV shows.

His success is a testament to the power of perseverance and hard work.

Editoral Review

The Tommyknockers by Stephen King is a gripping science-fiction novel that was first published on November 10, 1987. Stephen King is known for his horror and suspenseful writing and is considered as one of the most accomplished authors in the genre.

The Tommyknockers is set in the fictional small town of Haven, Maine, where writer Bobbi Anderson stumbles upon an alien spacecraft that has been buried underground for centuries. As Bobbi begins to unearth the spaceship, strange things start happening in the town, and the townsfolk begin to change as they become infected with alien technology.

The novel explores themes of addiction, isolation, and the corruption of power. The characters in The Tommyknockers are well-developed and relatable, particularly Bobbi Anderson, who, despite her initial altruistic intentions, becomes corrupted by the power she gains through her interaction with the alien technology.

Stephen King’s writing style is engaging and exhilarating, and he expertly weaves together the various subplots to create a cohesive and thrilling story. The pacing of the novel is fantastic, with the tension building to a fever pitch as the townspeople succumb to the alien technology.

The Tommyknockers is a thrilling read that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. While the book has some inspiration from the Cold War era’s nuclear phobia, it still resonates with readers of today, as society grapples with the uncontrolled consequences of unchecked technological advancements.

The only criticism of the book is that the ending feels a little abrupt and rushed, with some plot threads left dangling. However, overall, The Tommyknockers is an excellent read for fans of science-fiction and horror.

In conclusion, The Tommyknockers is a thrilling science-fiction novel that expertly combines suspense, horror, and social commentary to create a truly engaging story. It is a recommended read for fans of Stephen King’s works and anyone who enjoys well-written and suspenseful novels.

I rate it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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