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The VIP Doubles Down by Nancy Herkness Review

Title: The VIP Doubles Down

Author: Nancy Herkness

First published April 18, 2017

384 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.28


Nancy Herkness’s Wager of Hearts series comes to a sizzling end in The VIP Doubles Down. Gavin Miller, the bestselling author of a thrilling series, is haunted by his inability to write a word for over a year.

This writer’s block is not only killing his spirit but also putting his contracts with his publisher and Hollywood producers at risk. After some prodding from his agent, Gavin meets Allie Nichols, a feisty and sassy physical therapist.

Allie is not only tasked with treating Gavin’s severe neck and shoulder pain but also may be the key to unlocking his writer’s block. Will Gavin be able to conquer his demons with the help of his new muse, or will he lose everything he has worked so hard for?

About the Author

If you’re a fan of contemporary romance novels and enjoy getting freebies, you’re in for a treat! Nancy Herkness, an award-winning author of various romance series such as Consultants, Second Glances, Wager of Hearts, and Whisper Horse, is giving away a free novella to anyone who signs up for her monthly newsletter.

Nancy’s work has been recognized with numerous accolades, including the Golden Leaf Award, the Maggie Award in Contemporary Romance, and the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award. She earned a degree in English literature and creative writing from Princeton University.

Originally from West Virginia, Nancy now resides in suburban New Jersey with her two tabby cats.

If you’d like to learn more about Nancy and her books, check out her social media pages on Facebook and Pinterest.

Editoral Review

Nancy Herkness’ The VIP Doubles Down is a delightful contemporary romance novel that is perfect for readers who are looking for a light and fun read. Herkness’ ability to create relatable and charming characters and her skill in story crafting makes you want to keep on reading until the very end.

The VIP Doubles Down is the second book of the Wager of Hearts series, following the story of billionaire tech genius Nathan Trainor and his slow burning romance with his feisty and independent assistant, Marcy. Set in New York and the Hamptons, the novel shows the luxurious lifestyle of the wealthy elite peppered with issues of trust, family, love, and loyalty.

The characters are well developed and endearing, which makes it easy for readers to get invested in their stories. Nathan, who is constantly wary of people, is immediately drawn to Marcy’s unwavering loyalty and fierce independence.

Herkness paints Marcy as a strong and capable woman who knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. Through their journey, readers witness their growth as they learn to trust each other and let their guards down.

Herkness’ writing is clear, concise, and impactful. The pacing is well thought out, slow and steady enough for readers to get to know the characters while also keeping the story interesting and suspenseful.

However, there are some predictable moments and the story’s conflicts are not as fleshed out as readers might hope. The novel’s themes of independence, trust, and loyalty are relatable and universal, which makes it accessible to readers from all walks of life.

Additionally, Herkness’ reference to real-life events such as the Occupy Wall Street movement and the rise of tech billionaires add to the story’s relevance in today’s society. Overall, The VIP Doubles Down is an enjoyable and light-hearted read that will appeal to fans of contemporary romance.

While it may not be a standout in its genre, the well-written characters, entertaining plot, and Herkness’ beautiful writing make it a worthwhile read. I would recommend it to readers who are looking for something to brighten up their day.

Rating: 3.5/5

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