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The Viper’s Nest by Peter Lerangis Review

Title: The Viper’s Nest

Author: Peter Lerangis

First published February 2, 2010

190 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9780545060479 (ISBN10: 0545060478)

Rating: 3.98


In Book 7 of the #1 New York Times bestselling series, Amy and Dan Cahill continue their dangerous quest to find the 39 hidden Clues that lead to unimaginable power. But the toll of the hunt has never been higher.

Trapped on an island with the Indonesian police on their tail, the siblings must also confront the shocking truth about their family branch. With a storm approaching and a man who knows too much about their parents’ death, Amy and Dan must use all their wits and bravery to survive.

This latest adventure will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page.

About the Author

Peter Lerangis is a highly acclaimed author who has written a diverse range of books for children and young adults. His works include The Viper’s Nest and The Sword Thief, both of which are part of the popular children’s book series, The 39 Clues.

He has also written historical novels like Smiler’s Bones, and YA dark comedy-adventure novels such as wtf. Additionally, he has written for several book series such as The Baby-sitters Club, Sweet Valley Twins, and the Hardy Boys Casefiles, to name a few.

Lerangis has also written novels based on film screenplays like The Sixth Sense, Sleepy Hollow, and Beauty and the Beast. His talent extends to video games too, having written five novelizations in the Worlds of Power series created by Seth Godin.

As a ghostwriter, he has been published under the name A. L.


Lerangis grew up in Freeport, New York on Long Island, where his parents, a retired New York Telephone Company employee and a retired public-elementary-school secretary, raised him. After graduating from Harvard University with a degree in biochemistry, Lerangis worked as an actor and freelance copy editor in New York for eight years before transitioning to become an author.

In 2003, Lerangis was selected by First Lady Laura Bush to attend the first Russian Book Festival in Moscow, hosted by Russian First Lady Lyudmila Putina. R.

L. Stine and Marc Brown were also invited to the festival.

In the same year, the United Kingdom branch of Scholastic commissioned Lerangis to write X-Isle, one of four books that relaunched the Point Horror series there. A sequel, Return to X-Isle, was published in 2004.

In 2007, Scholastic announced the launch of a new historical mystery series called The 39 Clues, with the aim of making it a franchise. Lerangis was chosen to write the third book in the series, The Sword Thief, which was published in March 2009.

He was also selected to write the seventh book in the series, The Viper’s Nest, which was released later in the same year.

Lerangis currently resides in New York City with his wife, Tina deVaron, who is a musician, and their two sons, Nick and Joe.

Editoral Review

Peter Lerangis The Vipers Nest is a thrilling adventure novel that is sure to captivate readers of all ages. Lerangis is a bestselling author who has written numerous novels in the mystery, thriller, and adventure genres.

He is known for his fast-paced storytelling, vivid characters, and intricate plotlines. The Vipers Nest, first published on February 2, 2010, is part of the popular adventure series The 39 Clues.

The Vipers Nest follows the adventures of Dan and Amy Cahill, two young siblings who are members of the powerful Cahill family. The Cahills are the most powerful family in the world, and they have access to a secret formula that grants them unmatched power and wealth.

The formula is hidden in a series of clues that only the Cahills can decipher. In The Vipers Nest, Dan and Amy travel to South Africa to search for the next clue.

Along the way, they encounter danger, betrayal, and unexpected allies. Lerangis writing style is engaging and fast-paced, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat throughout the novel.

His characters are well-developed, with each one having their own unique personality and backstory. The setting of South Africa is vividly described, with Lerangis incorporating real-life landmarks and historical events into the story.

One of the strengths of The Vipers Nest is its ability to educate readers about historical and cultural events. The novel incorporates real-life events such as the Apartheid regime in South Africa, allowing readers to gain a deeper understanding of the countrys complex history.

Lerangis does an excellent job of balancing entertainment and education, making the novel both enjoyable and informative. In terms of weaknesses, the novel does suffer from some pacing issues.

The middle section of the book can feel slow and repetitive, with the characters revisiting the same locations and encountering the same obstacles. Additionally, some of the plot twists can feel predictable, with the reader being able to guess the outcome before it happens.

Overall, The Vipers Nest is an enjoyable adventure novel that is sure to entertain readers of all ages. Its educational aspects make it a great choice for young readers who want to learn more about the world around them.

While it does suffer from some pacing and predictability issues, its strengths far outweigh its weaknesses. Fans of The 39 Clues series or adventure novels in general will not be disappointed.

Rating: 4/5 stars.