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The Virgin Duet by Alexa Riley Review

Title: The Virgin Duet

Author: Alexa Riley

First published July 13, 2015

206 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.71


Get ready for a sizzling and steamy ride as Alexa Riley presents The Virgin Duet. Meet the irresistible billionaire alpha, Bray, and the sassy bombshell, Becs, who comes from the wrong side of the tracks.

They are both inexperienced in the ways of love, but when they strike up an arrangement, sparks fly, and their desires reach a fever pitch that cannot be quenched. Will Bray let his obsession with control ruin everything?

Will Becs let her guard down and finally let love in? Be prepared for your Kindle to ignite from the intense heat of their passion.

Warning: This book may cause serious heart palpitations, so read with caution.

About the Author

Alexa Riley comprises two bold and cheeky pals who collaborated to pen some steamy novels. As married mamas of two, they share a fervor for football, donuts, and swoon-worthy literary protagonists.

Their forte lies in lightning-fast, sugary-sweet, and downright cheesy romance tales that won’t keep you engaged for months on end. If you’re seeking something that’s secure, quick to read, and always culminates in a happily-ever-after, look no further than Alexa Riley!

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Editoral Review

The Virgin Duet by Alexa Riley is a steamy, contemporary romance novel that revolves around the forbidden love story of two unlikely individuals. The book was first published on July 13, 2015, and has since attracted a significant following in the romance genre.

Alexa Riley, the author, has established herself as a pioneering voice in the romance genre. Her writing style is characterized by its accessibility, and her works are known for their titillating, fast-paced, and uncomplicated storylines that appeal to readers of all ages.

The book is a two-part novel that revolves around the love story of Bree, a virgin who has never been kissed, and Aiden, a billionaire who is initially hesitant about pursuing a relationship with her due to their age difference. The novel is set in contemporary times and explores the dynamics of a burgeoning relationship between two individuals from different walks of life.

The plot follows a relatively predictable path, as the couple navigates their sexual awakening and deals with backlash from those who oppose their relationship. While the storyline may seem formulaic, the author’s deft handling of character development makes the book a worthwhile read.

Riley’s writing is engaging and readable, and she manages to maintain a tight narrative throughout the book. The pacing of the plot is excellent, with each chapter complementing the previous one in a seamless manner.

The book’s themes are universal, and the author presents them in a way that makes the story relevant to contemporary issues. While the book’s style and plot may seem formulaic, Riley’s strength lies in her character building, and the chemistry between Bree and Aiden is palpable.

The characters are relatable, and their struggles are genuine, which keeps readers invested in their story. The book’s standout moments are the intimate scenes that are well-written and thoughtfully handled.

The Virgin Duet does have some limitations, mainly in its reliance on predictable plot mechanisms that are typical in the romance genre. However, given the author’s style and intended audience, such limitations are to be expected.

Overall, The Virgin Duet is a compelling read for anyone interested in contemporary romance novels. The book’s themes, characters, and storyline are well-executed, and the author’s writing style keeps the story moving along at a quick pace.

It may not be for everyone, but those who appreciate the romance genre will undoubtedly enjoy this book. I recommend giving this book a rating of 4/5 stars.