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The Wild Girl by Kate Forsyth Review

Title: The Wild Girl

Author: Kate Forsyth

First published March 18, 2013

540 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780749015572 (ISBN10: 0749015578)

Rating: 3.94


In The Wild Girl by Kate Forsyth, you’ll be whisked away to early nineteenth century Germany, where Dortchen Wild has captured the heart of her neighbor, Wilhelm Grimm. But this is no fairy tale romance, as the kingdom of Hessen-Cassel is under the oppressive rule of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Grimm brothers seek to preserve the old tales of their land, and Dortchen is a treasure trove of stories. As she shares them with Wilhelm, their love deepens, but the reality of their situation is harsh.

The Wild Girl is a tale of passion, poverty, and the power of storytelling, where happy endings are not guaranteed.

About the Author

Kate Forsyth’s passion for writing began at an early age when she wrote her first novel at just seven years old. Today, she is a renowned author with 40 books under her belt, catering to both adults and children.

Among her notable works for adults are ‘Beauty in Thorns’, a tale that delves into the true love story behind the famous painting of ‘Sleeping Beauty’; ‘The Beast’s Garden’, a retelling of ‘Beauty & the Beast’ that takes place in the German underground resistance against Hitler during WWII; ‘The Wild Girl’, a romantic story that explores the love story between Wilhelm Grimm and Dortchen Wild, the woman who shared many of the world’s most famous fairy tales; ‘Bitter Greens’, a reimagining of the Rapunzel fairytale; and the popular fantasy series ‘Witches of Eileanan’.

For children, Kate has authored ‘The Impossible Quest’, ‘The Gypsy Crown’, ‘The Puzzle Ring’, and ‘The Starkin Crown’.

Kate’s education is as impressive as her writing accomplishments. She holds a doctorate in fairytale studies, a Masters of Creative Writing, a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, and is an accredited master storyteller.

Editoral Review

The Wild Girl by Kate Forsyth is a historical fiction novel published on March 18, 2013. Forsyth is a renowned Australian author and has won several literary awards for her novels.

The Wild Girl is a beautifully written, engaging novel that weaves together fiction and history to tell the story of Dortchen Wild and Wilhelm Grimm. Set in early nineteenth-century Frankfurt, the novel explores the lives of the Grimm brothers and the love story between Wilhelm and Dortchen.

Forsyth paints a vivid picture of the time period, with the Napoleonic Wars serving as a backdrop to the story. The novel is told from the perspective of Dortchen, who is struggling to overcome obstacles in both her personal and professional life.

Her father disapproves of her relationship with Wilhelm, and her mother is gravely ill with mental illness. The Wild Girl is not simply a love story; it is a story about the power of storytelling and the role of women in society.

Dortchen and Wilhelm bond over their love of folklore, and she becomes the inspiration for many of the Grimms’ popular fairy tales. Throughout the novel, Forsyth explores the ways in which women are often silenced in society and how Dortchen refuses to let that happen to her.

One of the strengths of The Wild Girl is Forsyth’s ability to seamlessly blend fact and fiction. The novel is based on real people and events, but Forsyth adds her own imaginative twists to the story.

Her writing is lyrical and evocative, transporting the reader to another time and place. She brings the characters to life, imbuing them with depth and complexity.

The pacing of the novel is excellent, and Forsyth keeps the reader engaged throughout the book. The themes of love, loss, and resilience are universal and resonate with readers of all ages.

The setting of Frankfurt during the Napoleonic Wars adds an element of danger and urgency to the story. One potential limitation of The Wild Girl is that the plot may be predictable for readers who are familiar with the Grimm brothers and their work.

However, Forsyth’s fresh perspective on Dortchen’s story adds a layer of depth that makes the book a worthwhile read. Overall, The Wild Girl is a beautifully written, engaging novel that successfully balances fact and fiction to bring an important historical figure to life.

Forsyth’s writing is masterful, and she weaves together a story that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. We highly recommend this book to fans of historical fiction, fairy tales, and anyone who loves a good love story.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.