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They are made out of meat by Terry Bisson Review

Title: They are made out of meat

Author: Terry Bisson

First published April 1, 1991

Rating: 4.08


“Meat. Can you believe it?

They’re made entirely out of meat.” When extraterrestrials discover the existence of Earth and its inhabitants, they are astounded to find that the dominant life form is a species of talking, thinking meat. Terry Bisson’s Nebula-nominated short story, They’re Made Out of Meat, explores the perplexing encounter between aliens and humans.

As the extraterrestrials grapple with the concept of sentient meat, they question their own understanding of the universe and whether some mysteries are better left unsolved. Bisson, a celebrated American science fiction and fantasy author, delivers a thought-provoking and humorous tale that will leave readers pondering the nature of consciousness and the limits of imagination.

About the Author

Terry Ballantine Bisson is a talented American author of science fiction and fantasy. His short stories are particularly noteworthy, with one standout being “Bears Discover Fire” (1990).

This particular story earned him both the Hugo and Nebula awards, two of the most prestigious science fiction awards in the world. Another of his famous works is “They’re Made Out of Meat” (1991), which has been adapted into video form numerous times.

Bisson’s writing is beloved by many and has earned him a reputation as a top author in the genre.

Editoral Review

Terry Bisson’s They are made out of meat is a visionary work of science fiction that challenges how we define the boundaries between life and intelligence. The novel, first published on April 1, 1991, is a short yet profound exploration into the mind-bending concept of extra-terrestrial life, and the way our preconceived notions of what constitutes humanity can sometimes limit our understanding of the universe.

Bisson is an accomplished writer who has won numerous awards for his work in science fiction and fantasy literature. In this novel, he deftly blends these genres with elements of humor, satire, and existential philosophy, creating a uniquely immersive reading experience.

The story revolves around two extraterrestrial beings, one of whom appears to be made solely of meat. Through dialogue and other communication methods, the beings discuss the nature of human life and intelligence, poking fun at our limited understanding of the universe while also exploring deeper questions about existence, meaning, and the limits of perception.

Despite being a relatively short work, They are made out of meat is captivating from beginning to end, and Bisson’s elegant use of prose and clever dialogue keeps readers engaged and invested in the story. The characters are well-drawn, and the setting is vividly imagined, making even the most esoteric concepts easy to grasp.

The book is also significant in its cultural and historical context. Written in the early 1990s, it speaks to a time when the concept of extraterrestrial life had not yet been fully explored in popular culture.

Today, with advancements in space exploration and increasing knowledge of the universe, the ideas presented in the book are more relevant and intriguing than ever before. Overall, They are made out of meat is a must-read for fans of science fiction and anyone interested in exploring the nature of intelligence, existence, and the universe.

Its imaginative plot, skilled writing, and cerebral themes make it a standout work in the sci-fi genre, and a testament to Terry Bisson’s enduring legacy as a master storyteller. Therefore, we highly recommend this book to all readers, and give it a well-earned score of 9 out of 10.