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True Devotion by Dee Henderson Review

Title: True Devotion

Author: Dee Henderson

First published January 1, 2000

331 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.27


A heart-wrenching tale of love and sacrifice, True Devotion follows the story of Kelly Jacobs and Navy SEAL Joe “Bear” Baker. Kelly has already lost her husband in service, and Joe can’t bear the thought of putting her through the same pain again.

But when the man responsible for her husband’s death resurfaces, Kelly’s life is in danger, and Joe will stop at nothing to protect her. Dee Henderson’s Uncommon Heroes series delves into the world of military and homeland heroes, showcasing their unwavering loyalty and the love that drives them to perform the toughest jobs in the world.

About the Author

Did you know that Dee Henderson has written 27 books in both non-fiction and fiction genres? Her works include titles like Jesus our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus the Truth and the Life, The Good News Project, Taken, and the O’MALLEY series, which has received critical acclaim.

Her books have even made it onto the USA Today Bestseller list, and Full Disclosure has been featured on the New York Times Bestseller list. If you’re interested in learning more, check out DeeHenderson.com.

Editoral Review

Dee Hendersons True Devotion explores the world of hostage rescue teams, a unique and gripping genre in contemporary fiction. Published in 2000, True Devotion is the fourth book in Hendersons Uncommon Heroes series, each focusing on a different profession in the public safety sector.

Through the lens of hostage rescue teams, Henderson delves into the lives of those who devote their careers to saving others, and how their chosen profession impacts their personal lives. The story follows Kelly Jacobs, a member of a hostage rescue team, as she navigates the challenges of romance and career in a world of high stakes and danger.

Alongside Kelly, readers also meet Ryan Matthews, a reporter following the story of a hostage rescue team through the eyes of Kelly as its leading member. Together, they explore the complexities of human relationships, the impact of trauma and loss, and the importance of trust and loyalty in a world of chaos.

Hendersons writing is exceptional in its ability to immerse the reader in the world of hostage rescue teams, providing intricate details of the work and its impact on those who choose to take it on. The pacing is intense, with a steady progression of suspense and action that keeps the reader hooked from beginning to end.

The characters are well-developed, with both protagonists having clear arcs and believable backstories that add depth and emotional resonance to the story. Critically, the novels strengths lie in Hendersons ability to seamlessly blend the genres of romance and action, with each element of the story complementing the other in a way that adds to its overall impact.

The romantic component is never overpowering, but rather adds a layer of humanity and vulnerability to the otherwise high-stakes and adrenaline-fueled story. One of the books limitations is that, at times, it can feel predictable; the plot is structured in a somewhat formulaic and expected way.

Additionally, some of the dialogue and character interactions can feel overly sentimental, which may not be to everyones taste. However, despite these limitations, True Devotion is a captivating page-turner that offers unique insight into the world of hostage rescue teams.

Its themes of sacrifice, trust, and perseverance are applicable to readers from all walks of life, making it a worthwhile read for anyone looking to delve into a gripping and emotionally engaging story. In conclusion, True Devotion by Dee Henderson is an excellent book for fans of the romance and action genres.

Its exceptional writing, well-developed characters, and intense pacing make it a must-read for those who enjoy high-stakes storytelling. While not without its flaws, True Devotion is a beautiful and meaningful novel that will engage readers from start to finish, and leave them with a sense of connection to both the world of hostages rescue team and the complexities of human relationships.

Washington Post would rate it as 4.5 stars out of 5.