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Trust Me on This by Jennifer Crusie Review

Title: Trust Me on This

Author: Jennifer Crusie

First published June 2, 1997

240 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780553445589 (ISBN10: 0553445588)

Rating: 3.52


“I know that grin can get you anything you desire…” The moment Alec Prentice set his sights on the alluring journalist in the crimson silk dress, he was determined to capture the captivating con artist. Dennie Banks was willing to take any risk to obtain the scoop, even if that meant seducing a man who vowed to assist her.

However, when the spirited reporter challenged him to kiss her, their lips ignited with a fervent yearning. Could two scheming accomplices capture their target and fall for each other?

In a delectably witty and swift-paced romance, Jennifer Crusie demonstrates that everyone has secrets to keep, even if it means falling in love! As she becomes entangled in a perilous masquerade led by a man whose irresistible charisma was hard to resist, would she reveal his enigmas without disclosing her own?

About the Author

Jenny Crusie has written over 20 novels and plenty of other works that have earned her a spot on the New York Times bestseller list. Her most recent novel, Maybe This Time, was released in August of 2010.

Jenny is located on the banks of the Ohio River, where she spends her time reflecting on all the things she’s grateful for by gazing up at the ceiling.

Editoral Review

Trust Me on This by Jennifer Crusie is a comedic romance novel that was first published on June 2, 1997. Crusie is an American author who has written numerous novels in the romance genre, including Crazy for You and Welcome to Temptation.

Trust Me on This is no exception, as it is a witty and charming story that is sure to entertain readers who are looking for a light-hearted read.

The novel follows the story of a young journalist named Dennie Banks, who has been assigned to cover a story about a fraudulent psychic named Ariel Kirkwood. Dennie is convinced that Ariel is a fraud, but she soon finds herself drawn to the psychic’s charming brother, Alec.

As Dennie and Alec work together to expose Ariel’s scam, they find themselves falling for each other in the process.

The setting of Trust Me on This is a small town in Ohio, which is portrayed in a vivid and detailed manner. Crusie’s writing style is engaging and humorous, and she has a knack for creating relatable and likable characters.

Dennie and Alec are both well-developed characters who have their own quirks and flaws, which makes them feel realistic and relatable.

One of the strengths of Trust Me on This is its pacing, which is fast-paced and keeps the reader engaged throughout the story. The plot structure is also well-crafted, with enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing about what will happen next.

The themes of the novel are centered around love, trust, and the importance of being honest with oneself and others.

While Trust Me on This is a well-written and enjoyable novel, it does have some limitations. The plot can be predictable at times, and some of the secondary characters are not as well-developed as they could be.

Additionally, some readers may find the humor to be too slapstick or cheesy.

Overall, Trust Me on This is a fun and entertaining novel that is perfect for readers who enjoy romantic comedies. While it may not be the most groundbreaking or thought-provoking book out there, it is certainly a worthwhile read for anyone who is looking for a lighthearted escape.

I would recommend this book to fans of Jennifer Crusie’s other works, as well as to anyone who enjoys humorous and heartfelt romance novels.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars. While Trust Me on This is an enjoyable read, it does have some flaws that prevent it from being a truly outstanding novel.

However, it is still a worthwhile read for anyone who is in the mood for a fun and charming romance.