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Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, A Young Man and Life’s Greatest Lesson by Mitch Albom Review

Title: Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, A Young Man and Life’s Greatest Lesson

Author: Mitch Albom

First published August 18, 1997

192 pages, Hardcover

Rating: 4.16


Have you ever had someone in your life who you could always turn to for guidance and wisdom? Someone who understood you like no one else could and offered advice that helped you navigate through life’s challenges?

For Mitch Albom, that person was his college professor, Morrie Schwartz. But as time passed, Mitch lost touch with Morrie and the valuable lessons he imparted.

It wasn’t until Morrie was diagnosed with ALS, a debilitating disease, that Mitch reconnected with his beloved mentor. Every Tuesday, Mitch visited Morrie, and their conversations became a source of comfort and enlightenment for both of them.

In their final months together, Morrie became the teacher once again, sharing his insights on how to live a meaningful life.

Tuesdays with Morrie is a heartwarming story of the bond between a young man and an old man, and the lessons they learn from each other. It’s a reminder that even in the face of death, life can still be beautiful and full of purpose.

About the Author

Mitch Albom is a prolific writer of both fiction and nonfiction, with a global readership of over forty million across forty-eight languages. He has authored eight number-one bestsellers, including the record-breaking memoir Tuesdays with Morrie, which has held the top spot for four consecutive years and celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2022.

His body of work also includes award-winning TV films, screenplays, stage plays, and a nationally syndicated newspaper column.

Through his work at the Detroit Free Press, Albom was recognized for his contributions to sports media by being inducted into both the National Sports Media Association and Michigan Sports halls of fame. He was also honored with the 2010 Red Smith Award for lifetime achievement.

In addition to his literary accomplishments, Albom is a philanthropist who founded the nonprofit organization SAY Detroit, which operates a dessert shop and popcorn line to fund programs for Detroit’s underserved citizens. He also runs an orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, which he visits monthly.

Albom’s latest work, The Stranger in the Lifeboat, is a return to his fiction roots and has already made the New York Times bestseller list. He recently published the weekly serial “Human Touch” online in real-time to raise funds for pandemic relief, following the success of his bestselling memoir Finding Chika.

Albom resides in Michigan with his wife, Janine. To learn more about his work and philanthropic efforts, visit his website and social media pages.

Editoral Review

Mitch Alboms Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, A Young Man and Life’s Greatest Lesson is a memoir that centers around the authors relationship with his former college professor, Morrie Schwartz. The book was first published in August 1997 and has since become a bestseller, touching millions of hearts with its poignant message about life and the human condition.

Albom is a renowned sports journalist, radio, and television personality with over 5 million copies of his books sold worldwide. However, in this book, he veers away from his usual writing conventions to explore a very personal and profound experience.

The books genre is a memoir, and it explores themes such as life, death, and the search for meaning. Albom narrates how his weekly visits with his old professor, who he affectionately calls Coach, helped him re-examine his life and priorities as Morrie battles with terminal illness.

Without giving away any significant plot elements, Tuesdays with Morrie is an emotional journey that takes readers through both the authors and Morries perspectives on life, death, and what really matters in the end. Through Alboms writing, the reader gets to build a relationship with Morrie, which is only brought to life through his wise words, life philosophies, and endearing personality.

Alboms prose manages to convey the emotion of the story, such that readers will feel like they were present for every single moment. However, the book has issues with pacing, as it is almost entirely dialogue-driven.

Some readers may find that the back-and-forth conversations between Albom and Morrie slow down the storys progression. There is also a predictable narrative arc that one can see coming from a mile away, making it a tad formulaic in some areas.

Nevertheless, the book has touched readers worldwide, and the reason for that is how the author presents the content. It doesnt shy away from lifes harsh realities but presents it in a relatable yet thought-provoking manner.

The memoir earned plenty of accolades when it first released, and its message remains relevant even today. As for its cultural significance, it is a remarkable and poignant perspective on end-of-life care, which is an issue that remains relevant today in light of the ongoing discussions about palliative care and assisted dying.

In conclusion, if youre looking for a book that makes you reconsider the way you approach life, some well-spent hours with Tuesdays with Morrie could be just what the doctor ordered. Youll probably feel like youve made a new friend in Morrie by the end.

The book is perfect for readers who appreciate memoirs with a message, and it should not be missed. The book receives 4 out of 5 stars as it is a moving and thought-provoking book that will stick with you long after youve finished reading it.