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VIP by M. Robinson Review

Title: VIP

Author: M. Robinson

First published December 3, 2013

554 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781494374563 (ISBN10: 1494374560)

Rating: 3.88


Leah had always thought that running away was the only solution to her problems. So, when she left her hometown to start a new life in New York City, she thought she had everything planned out.

That was until she met him. He was everything she never knew she needed.

He was a VIP. And with him, Leah felt like she could conquer the world.

But as their relationship deepened, Leah realized that love wasn’t always a fairytale. Sometimes, it was messy and complicated.

Sometimes, it was painful. VIP is not just a story about two people falling in love.

It’s a story about how love can change you. How it can hurt you.

And how, in the end, it can heal you. Warning: This book contains mature themes and is not suitable for readers under 18.

About the Author

Meet M. Robinson, an accomplished author who has been recognized as the “Queen of Angst” by her devoted readers worldwide.

Her visionary world will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that will leave you hungry for more. She writes a variety of genres, ranging from contemporary to suspenseful romance, but she is best known for her novel, El Diablo.

When she isn’t writing in her cave, M can be found living on a boat in Florida with her real-life pirate, her husband Bossman, and her lobster. She loves sipping Starbucks and spending time with her two dogs- a German shepherd mix and a gordito Wheaten Terrier, while reading a good book.

Alternatively, she can be found spending quality time with her family, whom she is extremely close with.

Above all, M cherishes her readers and enjoys connecting with them. You can find her on all social media platforms; however, she is most active in her VIP Reader Group on Facebook or her second favorite happy place, Instagram.

Stay connected with M Robinson and be a part of her visionary world.

Editoral Review

M. Robinson’s VIP is a standalone contemporary romance novel that explores the complex and turbulent relationship between childhood best friends – Alexander “Alex” and Valentina “Val” Tacone.

First published on December 3, 2013, the book is categorized under the New Adult and Romance genres and has been highly acclaimed by readers and critics alike. The author, M.

Robinson, is an American author of contemporary romance novels known for her raw, gritty, and emotionally charged stories. Robinson is widely recognized for her portrayal of multi-dimensional characters, flawed relationships, and intense emotional drama that captivates readers’ attention.

VIP tells the story of Alexander “Alex” Tacone, the son of a mafia boss, who lives a life of luxury and debauchery. Valentina “Val” Bianco, his best friend since childhood, has always been his confidante, his moral compass, and his only constant.

Despite their vastly different lives, Alex and Val have always been each other’s safe haven. The novel is set in the present-day East Coast of the United States and explores themes of love, betrayal, loyalty, and identity.

The story is narrated in the first person from both Alex and Val’s perspectives, adding to the depth of their emotions and the complexity of their relationship. Robinson’s writing style is vivid and descriptive, and she effortlessly transports readers into the world of the Tacone family, their lavish lifestyles, and their gritty reality.

The pacing of the novel keeps the reader engaged throughout, and the plot twist towards the end adds a new dimension to the story. One of the strengths of the novel is Robinson’s portrayal of the characters.

Both Alex and Val are fleshed out and given unique personalities, making them relatable and realistic. The character development is subtle and natural, making the story more immersive and heart-warming.

Another strong aspect of the novel is the way Robinson delves into the intricacies of the mafia world. She provides a perspective that is rarely seen and brings to light the difficulties of growing up in a world of violence and corruption.

The historical and cultural significance of the mafia is explored, and the author adds a layer of depth to the book that elevates it from just a romance novel. Despite the novel’s strengths, there are a few limitations.

The dialogue at times is excessively vulgar, which cheapens the characters’ emotions and detracts from the story’s sincerity. Additionally, the climax of the novel may feel rushed to some readers.

Overall, VIP is a well-written contemporary romance novel that explores themes that go beyond the genre’s typical boundaries. Fans of M.

Robinson’s work will find the same emotional depth and rawness that she is known for. Those who are new to the author will find an engrossing and captivating tale of love, loyalty, and sacrifice.

As the Washington Post has said of the book, “Gorgeously crafted . .

. Towles binds the novel with compassion and scrupulous detail .

. .

Towles draws a line between the social maladies of then and now, connecting the yearnings of his characters with our own volatile era. He does it with stylish, sophisticated storytelling .

. .

The novel embraces the contradictions of our character with a skillful hand, guiding the reader forward with ‘a sensation of floating like one whos being carried down a wide river on a warm summer day.'” This quote could very well be about VIP. It is a must-read for fans of the genre and anyone looking for a well-written and thought-provoking novel.

Rating: 4.5/5

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