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Winnie the Witch by Valerie Thomas Review

Title: Winnie the Witch

Author: Valerie Thomas

First published January 1, 1987

32 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9780061173127 (ISBN10: 0061173126)

Rating: 4.23


Winnie and her cat, Wilbur, lived in a house painted in black. The chairs, the bed, the carpet, and even the bathtub – everything was black.

Unfortunately, Wilbur, who was also black, kept getting in Winnie’s way. She kept stumbling over him or accidentally sitting on top of him.

One day, Winnie finally had a bright idea. What if she could turn Wilbur into a different color?

Would it solve their problem? Join Winnie and Wilbur on their colorful adventure in this delightful book by Valerie Thomas.

About the Author

Meet Valerie Thomas, the beloved author of the Winnie the Witch picture book series, which features Korky Paul’s enchanting illustrations. Originally from Australia, Valerie has spent most of her life there, and has traveled extensively across the globe.

Her goal now is to avoid another winter for as long as possible. Valerie once shared her home with a large black cat just like Wilbur, but thankfully, her house wasn’t black too.

Editoral Review

Valerie Thomas’ beloved children’s book Winnie the Witch is a whimsical tale that has been capturing the imaginations of young readers since its publication in 1987. The story follows the adventures of eccentric witch Winnie and her loyal cat Wilbur as they navigate the magical world around them.

Thomas’ writing style is engaging and joyful, with a focus on imaginative imagery and playful humor. The story encourages young readers to believe in the power of magic and to embrace their own individuality.

The plot of Winnie the Witch centers around Winnie’s struggles with her own magical abilities. When she finds herself constantly tripping over Wilbur in her black and white home, she decides to cast a spell to make her beloved cat more visible.

However, things quickly spiral out of control and Winnie’s spells begin to have unintended consequences. The main characters of Winnie and Wilbur are both uniquely endearing, with Winnie’s eccentricities and Wilbur’s loyalty making them an unforgettable duo.

The setting of the magical world is enchanting and captivating, with its whimsical illustrations bringing the story to life. There is a cultural and historical significance to Winnie the Witch, as it showcases a positive representation of witches in children’s literature.

It also encourages children to embrace differences and to problem-solve creatively – lessons that are still relevant in today’s world. From a critical standpoint, the pacing of the story could be improved, as some moments feel rushed while others drag.

However, the creative and imaginative elements of the story more than make up for any such flaws. Overall, Winnie the Witch is a must-read for any young reader who enjoys stories of magic and adventure.

Its themes of individuality and problem-solving make it an excellent addition to any curriculum focused on developing critical thinking skills. I would highly recommend this classic children’s book to anyone looking for a charming and delightful read.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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