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X/1999, Volume 01: Prelude by CLAMP Review

Title: X/1999, Volume 01: Prelude

Author: CLAMP

First published July 29, 1992

184 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781569319499 (ISBN10: 1569319499)

Rating: 3.96


In this mesmerizing first volume of the X/1999 series by CLAMP, readers will be pulled into a world of intense action and breathtaking art. Kamui has returned to Tokyo, only to discover that his childhood friend Kotori and psychic Princess Hinoto are plagued by unsettling dreams about his involvement in an impending apocalypse.

With the fate of the world at stake, Kamui must grapple with the question: is he the savior or the destroyer? Prepare to be swept away by the stunning visuals and heart-stopping plot of X/1999, Volume 01: Prelude.

About the Author

CLAMP is a manga artist group that originated in 1989 as a circle of twelve members. However, the group dwindled down to seven members by 1990, and three more members left during the production of the RG Veda manga.

Some former members include Soushi Hishika, O-Kyon, Kazue Nakamori, Yuzuru Inoue, and Shinya Ōmi. Presently, there are four members in the group: Ōkawa Nanase, Mokona Apapa, Igarashi Satsuki, and Nekoi Tsubaki.

In 2004, as they celebrated their 15th anniversary as a mangaka group, the members changed their names. Ōkawa Nanase became Ageha Ohkawa, Mokona Apapa became Mokona, Tsubaki Nekoi became Mick Nekoi, and Satsuki Igarashi kept her name but used different characters to write it.

According to a source, they wanted to try out new names. In an interview with Ōkawa Nanase, she revealed that Mokona wanted to drop her surname because she thought it sounded too immature, while Nekoi disliked being associated with Mick Jagger.

In 2006, CLAMP made their first public debut in the USA at Anime Expo in Anaheim, California. Their panel drew in 6,000 fans, and they were warmly received by the attendees.

Editoral Review

CLAMP’s X/1999, Volume 01: Prelude is a captivating manga that was first published on July 29, 1992. The manga is part of the X/1999 series, which is a blend of science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.

The book features stunning artwork, intricate character development, and a complex plot that makes it stand out from other manga in its genre.

The story follows Kamui Shirou, a young man who returns to Tokyo after six years of being away. Kamui possesses immense psychic powers that make him the key to a mystical prophecy that could decide the fate of the world.

As Kamui gets reacquainted with his childhood friends, he discovers that they too have supernatural abilities and are also part of the prophecy. However, the two opposing sides of the prophecy are determined to use Kamui as a weapon in their ongoing war, leaving him with the difficult task of choosing a side.

The book’s themes revolve around the struggle between good and evil, the impact of choices, and the complexities of human relationships. The authors also explore the consequences of the supernatural and how it affects the human condition.

The story is set in Tokyo, and the authors use the city’s rich history and culture to create a unique atmosphere that adds to the manga’s overall appeal.

The book’s strengths lie in the authors’ ability to create compelling characters that the reader can easily connect with. Each character has a distinct personality, and their personal struggles add depth to the story.

The artwork is also breathtaking, with detailed illustrations that bring the characters and their surroundings to life. The pacing of the story is well done, with the right balance of action and dialogue to keep the reader engaged.

However, the book can be confusing to readers unfamiliar with the X/1999 series. The authors introduce a large cast of characters, complex storylines, and supernatural elements that may be overwhelming for new readers.

The book also ends on a cliffhanger, leaving readers wanting more.

Overall, X/1999, Volume 01: Prelude is a must-read for fans of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. The book’s unique blend of supernatural elements, compelling characters, and intricate plot makes it a standout in its genre.

However, new readers may struggle with the complexity of the story and the large cast of characters. Therefore, I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy dark, complex stories with supernatural elements.

I give X/1999, Volume 01: Prelude an 8 out of 10 for its captivating story and stunning artwork.