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Yours Truly by Kirsty Greenwood Review

Title: Yours Truly

Author: Kirsty Greenwood

First published July 4, 2012

318 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.95


In Kirsty Greenwood’s charming novel, Yours Truly, Natalie Butterworth is a master of small fibs. She’ll tell her boss that his jokes are funny, assure her best friend that her outfit is on point, and even pretend that her dull fiancĂ© is a catch.

But one fateful night, a hypnotist at the local pub causes Natalie’s deepest thoughts to spill out – and they’re not so nice. As her relationships start to crumble, Natalie and her reckless friend Meg travel to Little Trooley, a quirky village filled with secrets and handsome men in Wellington boots.

Stranded and unable to break the spell, Natalie must confront her true feelings before it’s too late. With wit and heart, Yours Truly is a delightful tale of honesty, friendship, and self-discovery.

About the Author

Meet Kirsty Greenwood, a best-selling author whose romantic comedies are known for their humor, fearlessness, and fast-paced plots that explore extraordinary love. Beyond writing, Kirsty’s passions include composing musicals, experimenting with new recipes (with varying levels of success), hiking through the blustery hills of her hometown, indulging in glittery eyeshadow, serenading her dog, and reading as many books as she can get her hands on.

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Editoral Review

Kirsty Greenwoods Yours Truly is a captivating work of chick-lit written for those who enjoy a fun, light-hearted read. The British author, who also helms the popular podcast series The Novel Cure, has crafted a novel that is both humorous and heartwarming.

The book, first published in 2012, belongs to the genre of contemporary romance fictiona popular read for those seeking an escape from the stress of daily life. At its core, Yours Truly is a story about a struggling florist named Natalie Butterworth, who is desperate to save her business.

However, her dreams take an unexpected detour when she receives a series of romantic letters from a mysterious admirer. As the plot unfolds, Natalie sets out to unmask her secret lover and find out who is behind the passionate notes.

Meanwhile, she also becomes romantically involved with her childhood friend, Gabe, who has always been in love with her. Greenwood masterfully weaves together themes of love, friendship, self-discovery and entrepreneurship, creating a thoroughly enjoyable book.

The author has created a cast of characters who are engaging, humorous, and relatable. Natalie, the protagonist, is a lovable heroine who is both quirky and endearing, while Gabe is a charming leading man who is kind-hearted and witty.

The chemistry between the two characters is palpable, and readers will find themselves rooting for their happy ending. Apart from its entertaining plot and engaging characters, Yours Truly also tackles important issues such as sexual harassment and the difficulties faced by small-business owners.

Greenwood has woven these relevant themes into the story with a light touch, showcasing her ability to balance serious themes with more light-hearted ones. However, the novel is not without its shortcomings.

The plot is at times predictable, and the characters lack the depth that would add more layers to the story. Additionally, the book’s British humor may not be relatable to all readers, but this is a minor issue that is not enough to detract from the overall enjoyment of the novel.

Overall, Yours Truly is an enjoyable and uplifting read that is perfect for a cozy night in or a lazy afternoon. Greenwood’s writing is peppered with wit and humor, and her ability to create engaging characters is impressive.

Fans of Greenwood’s podcast series and those who enjoy contemporary romance fiction are sure to appreciate this book. I recommend it heartily.

Rating: 3.5/5.