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Zero History by William Gibson Review

Title: Zero History

Author: William Gibson

First published January 1, 2010

404 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9780399156823 (ISBN10: 0399156828)

Rating: 3.96


In William Gibson’s Zero History, Hollis Henry is reluctantly drawn back into the world of global marketing by the enigmatic Hubertus Bigend. With finances on the line, she joins forces with Milgrim, a man with the uncanny ability to disappear and speak perfect Russian, and Garreth, who owes Bigend nothing but has connections that could prove invaluable.

Bigend’s latest obsession is a Department of Defense contract for combat-wear, which leads him down a dangerous path to shadowy arms dealers. Outmaneuvered and adrift, Bigend turns to his team to help him navigate the murky waters of the arms trade.

About the Author

Meet William Ford Gibson, an American-Canadian writer known as the father of cyberpunk science fiction. He’s famous for coining the term “cyberspace” in 1982 and incorporating it into his first novel, (1984), which has sold over 6.5 million copies worldwide.

Gibson began his career as a short story writer and has since authored nine critically acclaimed novels (one in collaboration). He’s a prolific contributor to major publications and has collaborated with performance artists, filmmakers, and musicians.

His ideas have influenced science fiction authors, academia, cyberculture, and technology.

Editoral Review

Zero History by William Gibson is a science fiction novel that was first published on January 1, 2010. Gibson is an American-Canadian science fiction writer who has written many notable books, including Neuromancer and The Peripheral.

His writing style is known for its high-tech, hyper-realistic depictions of future worlds, often mixing in elements of noir and cyberpunk genres. In Zero History, Gibson continues his exploration of the intersections of tech, fashion, and culture in the 21st century.

The novel follows former rock singer Hollis Henry as she is hired by the enigmatic billionaire Gabriel Houndsmith to investigate a mysterious fashion line. Along the way, she crosses paths with Milgrim, a recovering addict, and introduces him to the world of high fashion.

The plot of Zero History is intricately woven, with many twists and turns along the way. Gibson’s descriptions of the fashion industry and the characters who inhabit it are vivid and compelling.

The setting is primarily in London and Paris, with excursions to other parts of the world. One of the strengths of the novel is the way that Gibson explores the interplay between fashion, technology, and culture.

He uses the fashion world as a lens through which to examine larger societal issues, such as globalization and the cultural impact of technology. The characters in the novel are complex and well-developed, with each having their own motivations and desires.

Hollis Henry, in particular, is a fascinating character, with a complicated past and a strong sense of justice. Milgrim, too, is an interesting character, with his struggles to overcome addiction and find meaning in his life.

The pace of the novel is slow at times, but this allows for more time to explore the characters and their motivations. Gibson’s writing is lyrical and beautifully crafted, with each sentence carefully constructed to create a vivid image in the reader’s mind.

However, one potential weakness of the novel is that it may be difficult for readers who are not familiar with Gibson’s work to fully understand some of the references and themes. Additionally, some readers may find the slow pace and detailed descriptions to be overly long and tedious.

Overall, Zero History is a thought-provoking and engaging novel that explores the intersections of technology, culture, and fashion. Fans of Gibson’s work will appreciate his unique style and the intricate plot, while newcomers to his writing may find it challenging but ultimately rewarding.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in science fiction, technology, or the fashion industry. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.