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Cress by Marissa Meyer Review

Title: Cress

Author: Marissa Meyer

First published February 4, 2014

566 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9780312642976 (ISBN10: 0312642970)

Rating: 4.42


The Lunar Chronicles continues with Cress, the third book in the series. Cinder and Captain Thorne are on the run with their new allies, Scarlet and Wolf.

Together, they are planning to overthrow the evil Queen Levana and her army. In order to succeed, they must rely on the skills of Cress, a brilliant hacker who has been imprisoned on a satellite her entire life.

However, when Levana orders Cress to track down Cinder and her accomplice, the group’s plans are thrown into chaos. A daring rescue mission goes wrong, and the group is separated.

Cress finally has her freedom, but it comes at a great cost. Meanwhile, Queen Levana’s marriage to Emperor Kai is imminent, and nothing will stop her from achieving her goal.

As the world hangs in the balance, Cress, Scarlet, and Cinder must band together to save humanity from the clutches of the wicked queen.

About the Author

I currently reside in Tacoma, Washington along with my loving husband and two lovely twin daughters. My literary representation is with Jill Grinberg.

For further information about me and my soon-to-be-released publications, please visit my website at http://www.marissameyer.com.

Editoral Review

Forsaken by Lisa Renee Jones is a gripping thriller novel published on August 18, 2015. Jones is a New York Times bestselling author who has penned several novels in the mystery and romance genres.

Her works have received critical acclaim for their exploration of complex human emotions and intricate plotlines. The novel Forsaken is no exception, as it plunges the reader into the story of Samantha, a young woman struggling to cope with the sudden and mysterious disappearance of her father.

As she delves deeper into the mystery surrounding his disappearance, she stumbles upon a web of secrets that lead her to the dangerous and enigmatic Blake, a man with a dark past and a possible link to her father’s disappearance. The novel is set in the present-day United States, specifically in Miami and the surrounding areas.

However, the story takes on a more international scope as it delves into the shady underworld of international finance and criminal organizations. Jones’ writing is sleek and engaging, with a sharp attention to detail that adds depth and nuance to her characters and their surroundings.

She skillfully navigates the complexities of the plot, weaving together multiple threads to create a narrative that keeps the reader on their toes until the very end. One of the novel’s greatest strengths is its complex and well-rounded characters.

Samantha is a troubled but determined protagonist who evolves over the course of the story as she grapples with the truth about her family and herself. Blake, the male lead, is equally compelling, as he struggles with his own demons while trying to protect Samantha from the life-threatening dangers that surround her.

The pacing of the story is also well done, as Jones alternates between moments of quiet introspection and heart-pumping action sequences. The novel’s themes of family, loyalty, and betrayal are explored in a nuanced and thought-provoking manner, adding depth and resonance to the story.

While the novel is not without its flaws – some of the supporting characters are underdeveloped, and the ending may come off as slightly abrupt – these are minor quibbles that do not detract from the overall quality of the work. In conclusion, Forsaken by Lisa Renee Jones is a thrilling and well-crafted novel that is sure to satisfy fans of the mystery and romance genres.

Its gripping plot, well-drawn characters, and nuanced exploration of complex themes make it a standout work that is well worth reading. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fast-paced and engaging read.

Rating: 9/10

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